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International Collection of Essays About Kinetic Art
2013 - Volume 1
Sonnen Energie
Elke Kuechnle
July 2013
a Sun Sentinal
"Solar-powered works combine science and art"
February 14, 2013
a David W. Bermant: The Audacious Art Collector
Book and DVD
Sea Hill Press
"Solar-Powered Artwork Around the World"
November 9, 2011
a International Kinetic Art Exhibit & Symposium Catalog and DVD
February 2013
a Miami Herald
Miami Beach Botanical Garden
January 7, 2007
a Sculpture Magazine
"Rein Triefeldt's Solar Vision"
December 2003, Volume 22, Number 10

Arts & Science Collaborations
Featured Member April/May '07

a Sculpture Magazine
Featured Sculptor

Princeton University Hotline
"Quark Park Sculpture Features Goldston-Treifeldt Plasma Sculpture"
September 2006

a Symmetry Magazine
Office of Science, US Department of Energy
"Gallery: Quark Park"
October/November 2006
a Biddington's Art Gallery & Auction
Biddington's Studio Visit
a The Franklin Institute Science Museum
The College of New Jersey Magazine
"State of Motion"
August 2005, Vol. 2, Issue 1
a The College of New Jersey Magazine
Autumn 2004
a Biddington's Art Gallery & Auction
Biddington's Migration Essay

Hong Kong Exhibition
Touchstone Art Gallery
Monograph by Henk Hoppener

a Public Art Review Magazine
"Twentieth Century Light Art Pioneers"
Summer 2004
Solar tree sculptures make a powerful environmental statement. Hand-signed, numbered, solar tree sculptures by environmental artist Rein Triefeldt are engineered to produce energy for your home or business. Information.
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