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My Solar Tree Project in Education in collaboration with the Open Space Education team -- the largest open call for public high school redesign in American history - is in the XQ Super School Project finals! Laurene Powell Jobs is offering a $50 million prize to help rethink an antiquated American high school system.

Meet Trenton’s Solar Sculptor Rein Triefeldt, who created the butterfly, sunflower, and dragonfly in Center Court, and get inspired to make your own art by learning how and why Triefeldt makes energy-producing sculptures! The event includes an introductory presentation on Solar Sculpture and time for brainstorming. Then, working with the artist and Grounds For Sculpture staff, use everyday materials and let your imagination run wild while making your own model for a solar work of art.

Kidget's Back to School with Grounds for Sculpture

A Special Art, Science, and Technology Event

Saturday, September 24th- 11am-1pm

Solar Sculptures with Rein Triefeldt

Laurie Triefeldt, Rein, and Gary Ayala with Solar Butterfly at the opening Quaker Bridge Mall in Lawrenceville, N.J.

a Solar Bug at the opening Quaker Bridge Mall in Lawrenceville, N.J.
Solar tree sculptures make a powerful environmental statement. Hand-signed, numbered, solar tree sculptures by environmental artist Rein Triefeldt are engineered to produce energy for your home or business. Information.
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