Dedicated to programs that introduce communities and individuals to solar energy through the sculptural arts


The Solar Tree Project continues to be the pioneering organization leading the field of Solar Art and Education for Sustainability in the World. Your donation provides critical program support, helping to engage youth by catalyzing schools and community partnerships toward sustainable community development. Your contribution has the power to transform our Earth into sustainable communities.

Join our Circle of Friends and support our Solar Earth Art and experiential youth Solar Tree education program.

List of our present private and corporate sponsors:

  1. David Wang, President of Boeing China (private donation)
  2. The Hillsborough School District, Math-Science Enrichment Program
  3. Albert Urrutia, Santos & Urrutia Structural Engineers
  4. Cynthia Pannucci, Arts & Science Collaborations, Inc.
  5. Applied Photovoltaics
  6. Cie Stroud, Cie-Mail
Solar tree sculptures make a powerful environmental statement. Hand-signed, numbered, solar tree sculptures by environmental artist Rein Triefeldt are engineered to produce energy for your home or business. Information.
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