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Rein Triefeldt’s solar environmental kinetic sculptures have been exhibited internationally for more than twenty years. Exhibitions of his work have been seen in Asia, Europe, and South America as well as the United States. Cirque du Soleil International, Art Integration Programs hosted a world tour of his prints and bronze kinetic sculptures.

Triefeldt has received many commissions for his work, which make a powerful environmental statement.  “Condor del Sol”, a humanitarian earth art project in Ecuador to supply water and power to a mountain village, “ Solar Tree” projects in Hillsborough, CA and Princeton, NJ; “Solar Butterfly” in Sunny Isle, FL and a solar kinetic art project at the Dutch Biennale in the Netherlands are but a few of these projects. One of the founders of the Kinetic Art Organization and Founder of the Solar Tree Project, Triefeldt has received several awards for his work.

For more than a decade, Rein has been creating sculptures that produce energy from the sun and are scaled to provide the power for homes, museums, sculpture parks, arboretums, vineyards and public places.  His work blends a commitment to traditional sculptural elements and materials with a dedication to 21st century solar technology, allowing every project to reflect its own unique sense of character.

Rein Triefeldt, Solar Environmental Artist

Solar Energy advisor
Jim Thoresen

Dr. John Gould, Drexel University School of Education

Senior Advisory Board
Albert Urrutia, Santos & Urrutia Structural Engineers
Jeff Szczepanski, Applied Photovoltaics
Robert Lyndall, Applied Photovoltaics

Honorary Director of Education for
N. Hillsborough Elementary Solar Tree Project
Angela Ping, Teacher, Hillsborough City School District

Director of Communications
Cie Stroud, Cie-Mail

Solar tree sculptures make a powerful environmental statement. Hand-signed, numbered, solar tree sculptures by environmental artist Rein Triefeldt are engineered to produce energy for your home or business. Information.
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